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How do I export Individual Response Forms to a File?

Individual response forms are useful for analyzing what each individual respondent has responded. To export individual response forms, go to Reports, then a) select your report from the report overview (and click Export) or b) open the report, then click Export:

  1. From the report overview:

  1. Inside the report:

In the export report overview, choose either Word or PDF from All answer forms:

You can choose to either have it emailed to yourself (or a colleague) (1) or download the file through a secure link (2). Write the email to send the file to in To (3). You can choose to include or exclude e-mails and phone numbers of the respondents in our file (4).

If you would like to override the existing filters in the report and use a separate filter for your file, you can do so by ticking the box Override filters and pick your filter from the drop down lists below.


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