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SMS overview in Account Settings

Superuser’s and Account Admins can access the Account Settings to get a full overview of their SMS settings, SMS credits and SMS usage.

Click on your name at the bottom left and Navigate to Account settings.

NOTE: SMS Settings is by default only available for Account Admins & Super users.

SMS Settings:

  1. Using this setting, the responsible user can provide the country prefixes (country codes) for the countries in which he/she will allow the users on the account to send SMS messages. Please note that the prefixes must be provided in the following format: +47, +358, etc.
  2. You can also limit the total amount of SMS messages your account user can send, you may also set a threshold for maximum allowed SMS send-outs.

SMS Credits:

If you have bought a SMS credit package, you can easily get a full overview of the credits used and remaining in your package.


SMS Usage:

Puts your SMS usage in a timeline for a comprehensive overview of SMS usage over time. With pre-defined views and the possibility to filter on date.


SMS Usage by Quest:

SMS usage by Quest will show you all quests that has sent a SMS, with additional information like how many parts it contained and in what month it has sent out. This is a great way for the superusers and account admins to have control over the usage of SMS on their respective accounts.

You’ll also have the possibility to combine the predefined views, filter on date and search field in order to get your wanted view and export this.




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