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How to use Distribute by link?

If you would like to distribute your Quest by a link that you can embed on your website or in your blog, just enable the option Distribute by Link under the Distribution tab. This generates a link that you can copy and paste according to your needs.

URL elements:

  • https://response.questback.com – This is our default core URL, cannot be changed.
  • /questback/ – This is the name of your account and cannot be changed.
  • /s5cq3lv8sp – This ID is automatically generated to make your URL unique. This can be freely customized. In the open input field, simply write the name of what you want the link to be. Remember, you cannot use the same wording as another link to a quest. 

Do not copy the URL when you’ve followed the link. This is changed automatically in your browser to create what we call a RESPONSE ID.

When you access the link, it is converted to:
In order to share the link, click the COPY LINK-button.

Display obligatory e-mail Input field: By enabling this option, the respondents following the link must provide their e-mail addresses at the very beginning of the quest. This is essential for your ability to initiate follow-up activities with those respondents.

 – Respondents invited via the Distribute by Link option will not show up under the invitees’ section.
 – If the option Display Obligatory E-mail Input Field is not activated, all incoming responses via this link will technically be linked to a default system email address distbylink@questback.com. This means that these responses appear to come from the email address distbylink@questback.com in reports and follow-up, unless the quest is conducted with hidden identity. In addition, two-way follow-up dialogs with these respondents will not be supported, as the system does not know their real email addresses.


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