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How to use Availability

In the Availability menu, located within the Test & Publish tab, you have control over when your quest becomes accessible to respondents. Follow these steps to effectively use the Availability settings:

Before publishing, use the Validate Quest function to identify errors or potential improvements in the Quest.


  • Immediately: Before you publish you have two options regarding when the quest will be active, Immediately will make the quest active as soon as you hit Publish.
  • On a Specific Date: You can select a date and time for the quest to become active. Remember to click Publish for the set date to take effect.

End Date:

Determine when the quest will end:

  • You can set a specific End Date.
  • Unchecking the This Quest Ends box allows the quest to run indefinitely or until manually stopped.

  • Once you’re satisfied with the availability settings and have completed testing, click the Publish button.

  • After publication, if you need to halt the active status of the quest, use the Stop button.



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