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How to use Word Cloud

A word cloud is a visual presentation of text data that is gathered from Open Answer- & Single Select-question types.

Word cloud is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent words to determine their relative significance. The larger the word, the greater the weight.

You can add a word cloud via Add-button when you are inside your selected report.

After selecting Add word cloud you will be prompted with a list of all available questions. Selecting multiple questions will create multiple word clouds, one for each selected question. Incompatible question types are not possible to select, have been grayed out and have the text not supported.

The word cloud added in your report will use the report language as default. You are free to customize the word cloud in Display Settings.

Responses in: The selected language in Responses in decides what responses are shown in the word cloud. Use All languages to show all responses in all languages.

Stop words: Common words in the selected language, that by default are excluded from the word cloud. All languages does not use stop words by default. You are free to use any stop word-list with any language. Simply click on Stop words and select the available stop words-language. When you or others have made a change in the stop words-list, the system will notify you if the list is about to be overwritten.

Available stop words-languages: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish & Swedish.

Max number of words: The maximum number of words that is displayed in the word cloud. The words in the word cloud are sorted by most counted word descending. (default: 50)

Exclude words: User defined list of words to exclude from the word cloud. Exclude words are not language specific, and are not removed when changing language in Responses in.

Case: A setting to change how the words are displayed in the word cloud. Lowercase, uppercase or capitalized.


Rotation is a series of settings that allow you to customize how the words are displayed in the word cloud. You can choose from the pre-sets Horizontal, Horizontal & Vertical and Mixed. You can also choose Custom which allows you to manually set the rotation range and number of orientations.

Rotation range: The range set by the user will be the maximum and minimum rotation for the words in the word cloud.

Number of orientations: Sets the number of unique orientations that can be applied to the words in the word cloud. Based on the Rotation range, the number of orientations will cycle through all words and give them one of the unique orientations.





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