How can I create a Quest where the Respondents cannot be identified?

When hidden identity is enabled, no identifiable information, such as browser type and version, operating system or e-mail address, will be stored with the answers. This is to protect the respondent’s identity.

To activate the Hidden identity settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings pane in your Quest.
  2. Locate and open the grid called Hidden identity
  3. Choose between Never, Optional or Always


  • Never: This option makes every respondent identifiable
  • Optional: This option lets the respondent choose whether to hide her identity or not
  • Always: This option hides every respondent’s identity

What’s more, when Always is selected, you may enable the Advanced Hidden Identity settings:


This feature enables to additional features:

  1. Setting a response count threshold

… which disables access to the results for single questions until the response count threshold is met for the given question (affects exports and LiveReports):

Setting a response

  1. Disable raw data and individual answer access

… which disable the access for pulling raw data exports and opening single response forms.

The following functions will then be disabled:

  • “Send Copy of Response to E-mail”
  • “Q&A tags”, “Respondent data-tags” and “Receipt-tags”
  • “Select columns” in Follow-Up
  • “Raw data” and “All answer forms”-export (e.g.):

all answer forms

Hidden Identity and Distribution

When Hidden Identity is set to Always, the “invitees list” in Distribution will display invited e-mail addresses, but never the individual invitees’ response status.

When Hidden Identity is set to Optional, at least 6 respondents must have opted for Hidden Identity to display the non-hidden identity respondent’s answers and response status:

Hidden Identity and Distribution

Please note:

  • In order to make the Hidden Identity settings effective, you can not include any questions or respondent data that make it possible to identify the respondents in the Quest
  • The Hidden Identity settings will lock when the Quest is published

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