How to use Generate Test data

Generate Test Data functionality allows you to effortlessly create 50 test responses for each question within your Quest. The Generate Test Data feature streamlines your testing process, allowing you to validate question reporting, make necessary adjustments, and ensure a seamless survey experience before releasing your Quest to respondents. You can access the Generate Test Data button either within the Test & Publish section, as depicted below, or within the reports of unpublished Quests.

Using Generate Test Data:

Upon clicking the button, a new window will confirm the successful generation of test data.

To interact with the generated test responses, you have two options:

  1. Click View Test Report.
  2. Click on the Report pane in your toolbar and enter a available report.

Automated Deletion:

When you are finished with the test reporting, you can easily delete them by pressing Delete Test Data:

If you inadvertently forget to delete the test responses, rest assured that they will be automatically deleted upon Quest publication.




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