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What does the Email Invitation Statuses mean

When inviting respondents via Email or SMS for a Quest, track invitation and response statuses from the Invitees list for efficient survey management.

The Invitees list is accessed from the Distribution pane:

Invitation status:

The Invitation status indicates if respondents have received their invitation (Delivered) or not (Other statuses).

Invitation status

The following table explain the various invitation briefly:

Delivered: Invitation successfully sent from Questback.

Hard Bounced*: Invitation sent from Questback, but returned as hard bounced. Read more below

Not invited: Invitation not sent from Questback.

Scheduled for delivery: Invitation scheduled to be sent from Questback on a specific time.

Quarantined: Refers to invitees who were not sent an invitation from Essentials because they had been previously invited, and the set quarantine period had not been reached yet.

Soft bounced**: Invitation sent from Questback, but returned as soft-bounced. Read more below

*Hard bounced: The email has been returned to Questback because the recipients address is invalid, (permanently undeliverable). Such hard bounces might be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • the domain name does not exist
  • the recipient is unknown
  • the address is invalid (typos or changed address)
  • the e-mail recipient’s mail server has blocked Essentials server (ex. Has received too many mails from “@questback.com”)
  • there’s some type of network problem on the recipient’s end

Tips to resolve hard bounces:

  1. Check that the email address is spelled correctly. If not, delete the invitation and send it to the correct address
  2. Check if it exists using https://verify-email.org/. If not, delete the invitation and send it to an alternate address
  3. If many recipients from the same domain was blocked, consider contacting IT personnel responsible for the domain and have them whitelisting the following domains:
  • mail1.questback.net
  • mail2.questback.net
  • mail3.questback.net
  • mail4.questback.net

**Soft bounced: The email reaches the respondents mail server but is bounced back before reaching the respondents mailbox. Such “soft bounces” might occur because:

  • the recipient’s mailbox is full (over-quota)
  • the server is down or overloaded
  • the message is too large
  • the user has abandoned the mailbox

Soft bounced invitations typically resolve themselves over time. Questback will continue to make attempts to send these soft bounced invitations for up to 24 hours.

Response status:

The Response status will show which respondents have answered (I.e. “completed” or “deleted”) or not yet completed their answer (any other status than “completed” or “deleted”):

Response status

When Hidden Identity is enabled and set to either “Always” or “Optional,” the response status “Hidden” will be displayed for all respondents.

The following table briefly explain the various response statuses:

Completed: Respondent has completed the Quest

Deleted: Respondent has completed the Quest, but the response has been deleted.

GDPR Opt-out: Respondent has declined participation from the GDPR Consent page.

N/A: Respondent not able to answer because of hard/soft-bounced invitation

Not responded: Respondent has not started responding to the Quest.

Uncompleted: Respondent opened and started answering the Quest, but not completed the Quest.

Blank status(no status): Respondent is not invited yet. No information to show.





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