How to Use Batch Copy

Batch Copy allows you to make multiple reports from an already existing report as a default, applying your choice of Filters or Comparisons to each report. An example is if you have a filter for each department in a company, then batch copy will let you create 1 report for each department/filter in a couple of seconds.

NOTE: It is possible to create batch copies of a report with comparisons, Read more

To do a Batch Copy you first need to mark the Report(1) you want to copy, in the list of reports. Then press the Batch Copy(2) Button.

All your Value Filters will appear in the box with the value filter header. Mark all the filters you want to use. One report for each filter will be generated.

If you have saved any Comparisons they will appear in the comparisons box. Choose any comparisons you want to use, and it will be created a report using those comparisons.

If you wish to batch copy a Report combined with existing comparisons Click Here.


Checking the Apply Interval Filter on All Versions box will let you choose an interval filter to add to all the batch copies.

When you have selected all the wanted filters/comparisons and settings press the Next button.


Now you will have some general options regarding the LiveReport.

When you are pleased with the settings, click Yes. The reports will automatically be generated.

When you are done in the Batch Copy Report Screen press the Ok button. You will now see the new reports in the list. Illustrated below is the Batch copied version(1), and the Original Report(2).



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