How to create a new Report

You may create a new report from scratch, from the report pane by clicking “new”:

create a new report

Next, the Report Settings for the new report will then open. Note that most of these settings only apply if you intend to use your report as a LiveReport (link)*:

Report Settings

A: Report Name: Here you give your report a name and title. This report name will show up in all new exported and downloaded formats, and in your LiveReport.

B: Theme*:
Here you choose the background design design of the LiveReport. Note: You can make your own report theme from Managers  Theme Manager  New Report Theme.

C: Status*: To make the LiveReport accessible for others, the status must be set to «Public».

D: Display time last edited* will notify LiveReport readers about the last time and date the LiveReport was edited.

E: Password*: Click «Require Password» if you only want to password protect your LiveReport. A password will be auto-generated, with the possibility to change it to a desired password.

F: Layout*:
You may choose between showing your LiveReport as one chart per page (default) or a one-page layout with either one-, two- or three columns layouts.

G: Let viewer choose filters*: If you click «Yes, give LiveReport viewer access to selected filters», you will be able to choose amongst existing Value filters and Interval filters that respondents can enable when reading the report.

Note: All the fields mentioned above can later be edited in Report Settings when inside your report.

When you have opened the report, you must click “Add” to choose the questions you want to use in your report:

choose the questions you want to use in your report


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