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How to use Distribute by Email Invitation

  • To distribute a Quest via E-mail Invitation, go to the Distribution tab. Then click Distribute by e-mail invitation to open up the menu.

The following menu is presented (see numbered explanations below):

The following menu is presented

1. Distribute by e-mail invitation to opens/closes the menu.

2. In the field Name you can choose which name that will appear as the sender of the e-mail.

3. In the From- field you can see that feedback@questback.com is locked as the sender of the e-mail. This is to ensure a high deliverability rate. If you want to change this, Custom Sender Address can be activated.

Custom Sender Address is an Add-on feature, Contact Support@Questback.com to activate.

4. Reply to- lets you choose which e-mail address to use when respondents reply directly to the invitation e-mail.

5. Invitation subject will state the e-mail invitation’s subject line.

6. The available formatting tools let you design the invitation body. You may change properties for the text, personalize the e-mail by using tags from respondent data, add pictures and tailoring mode of entry to the survey (button/clickable text /hyperlink).

7. Invitation body* states the message body for the email invitations.

8. By inserting an e-mail address you can send a test invitation with your currently selected settings enabled.
9. Add reminder will open up a reminder text body with the possibility to send out a reminder on a date/or in intervals.

Add reminder


All reminders will be sent out automatically to all respondents that has not completed the Quest before the given reminder date/interval.

10. Since all respondents can be invited to and answer the same Quest several times, the button The quest has quarantine period for email invitations is useful for controlling when each respondent may be invited again:

The quest has quarantine period for email invitations

Note: When an uploaded e-mail falls under the set quarantine rules, it is added to the invitee list but flagged separately as «discarded by quarantine».

11. The button The quest has default delay on email invitations makes sure that the send-out of email invitations is delayed by the defined interval, e.g. by 15 minutes or 3 hours. This delay option is typically used in scenarios where respondents are uploaded via an automated integration, and where there needs to be a delay between upload and invitation send-outs:

The quest has default delay on email invitations

You can add respondents in different batches and then customize the invitation message before each send-out to tailor the message for specific groups of respondents


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