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How to use reminders

Elevate the response rates and ensure no valuable insights slip through the cracks with the smart use of e-mail reminders.

  • To activate the Reminder functionality, navigate to Distribute By E-mail Invitation function under the Distribution tab.

  • Tick off on The invitation has automatic e-mail reminders. Here you write in the reminder subject and body.

  • Click Add reminder in order to schedule the reminder. The reminder can be on a specific date or as an interval.
  1. If you choose Date all respondents that hasn´t completed the quest will get a reminder. It´s wise to not use Date in an ongoing Quest.
  2. You want to use Interval if you have an ongoing quest where respondents can be imported at different times.

The reminder can be on a specific date or as an interval

You have the flexibility to include multiple reminders, and even after publishing your quest, you can continue to add new ones or delete existing reminders as needed.

Choose Interval



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