How do I send respondents copies of their response?

To automatically send a receipt to the respondent go to the Response Options menu inside the Settings tab.

Response Options

Send Copy of Response by E-mail to Respondent: has three different options:

Never means there will not be sent a receipt to the respondent.

Optional will allow the respondent to choose if they want the receipt or not by entering an email.

Always will automatically send a receipt to the respondent when they are done.

allow multiple responses

After choosing the wanted alternative, remember to Save.

It is not possible to customize this e-mail, if you want to customize the receipt you can do this by creating a Notification instead.

To add a Notification, go to the Notifications tab and click +Add.

add a notification

Choose “Email” from the menu.

choose email

A new notification will then be created. Set the To field to Respondent and give the notification a Subject.

Please note:  When choosing Respondent, the Notification will be sent to the the e-mail adress used to distribute from the invitees list. 
If distributed by link; the notification will be sent to the adress entered in the mandatory e-mail field inside the Quest. 

to respondent

In the Notification Body, add the text you want to include in the email and click Insert Receipt to add the tag that includes the respondent’s answer.

notification body

You can click Preview Notification, to get the notification sent to yourself. Then you can see if it looks ok or if you need to make any changes.

If you only want to include the respondent’s answer from some of the questions in the receipt, you can click Insert Q&A tags and choose the questions you want.

preview notification


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