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How do I send respondents copies of their response?

To automatically send a receipt to the respondent in the Questback platform, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings tab and access the Response Options menu.

  • Under the Send Copy of Response by E-mail to Respondent option.
  • There are three different options:
    • Never means no receipt will be sent to the respondent.
    • Optional allows the respondent to choose whether they want to receive a receipt by entering an email address.
    • Always will automatically send a receipt to the respondent when they complete the Quest.


After choosing the wanted alternative, remember to Save.

If you wish to send a copy of each response to a specific a-mail address, turn on the Send Copy of response to e-mail address button, and specify the address you want to send the copy to

It is not possible to customize this e-mail, if you want to customize the receipt you can do this by creating a Notification instead. Read more



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