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How to Export reports

You may export your reports from either the report list in Reports(1) by selecting the desired Report(2) and click Export button(3):

… or by clicking “Export” from within a report:

clicking Export from within a report

After clicking «Export», select your desired output format. The absolute best advice if you are uncertain, is to try multiple exports of different formats as there are no limits to your exports. We offer the following types of output:

try multiple exports of different formats ¨

Summarized reports: this is a complete report, containing the same data you will see in the LiveReport. Please note that due to the exports being on a different medium and technology than the LiveReports, there will be some visual differences between them. Feel free to style the exported Microsoft Office documents according to your own needs after the fact. Often this can be an excellent way of passing on the results to colleagues in an understandable format. Below you can see some examples of Summarized reports:







Raw data output: this is your data only. No charts or tables are included. This is the perfect choice if you intend to continue analyzing your findings in a stand-alone tool. It can also be quick way of going through the entire report, as it is very condensed. See below:

Raw data output

Report metadata: this is a table containing the information found in the reports list, as well as the link to the LiveReports and their password(s) (if any) of the selected report(s).

All answer forms: This contains all the individual answers forms presented in a consecutive view. Please note that only answers displayed in the report will be included, e.g. answers discarded by an applied filter will not be included in this report. This is an excellent way of going through each respondents’ answers and can be very handy for quests used for applications, quiz, or signups:

All answer forms

After selecting the wanted format, you’ll be able to select delivery method:

  • Send Report as E-Mail Attachment(1): will send the entire file to the Email specified in the TO: field. This can sometimes take more time and has a higher chance of being blocked by spam filters as some spam filters react to mails contain little text and large files.
  • Add report to Generated files(2): will add the report under Generated files(3), which allows you to download the export directly from Essentials.

If you selected Add report to Generated files the report will be ready for download directly from essentials. Click on Generated files(1), Select the Report(2) and click on the Download button(3). The report will then be downloaded in your browser:



You can choose if you want to Include the invitation email/mobile number and Include Free Text Input in the Includes section:

You will also be able to specify your desired Content of the export in the Content section:

Selecting Override Filters will allow you to set a filter in the export directly from the export menu:

Selecting Batch Copy allows you to select multiple filters and get one report for each filter selected that is filtered on the respective filter:


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