How to use Routing with Respondent Data

Routing is useful for creating follow-up questions based on specific answers in your quest or respondent data. This enables users to pose some questions to relevant groups of respondents.

In this article we cover how to use routing on a Question with respondent data.
As an example we will use routing based on which department the respondent belongs to. You may however route based on any type of respondent data type E.g. Region, country, position etc.

After adding respondents with respondent data under Distribution, we can now define the routing in Designer (1). Let’s say you don’t want IT to see a specific question, Simply choose the Question (2), then under Routing (3) click Create Condition (4). 


In the next window you may define the condition, We do not want respondents belonging to IT-department to answer the selected Question:

  1. Select Respondent Data from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the System Field Data (1) from the drop-down window below, then Does Not Contain (2) and enter the desired department, IT(3) in this example.
    Then click Apply.

To apply the same routing conditions to other Questions, simply click Apply On Other Questions.

All respondents who belongs to IT, based on respondent data. Will bypass this particular Question.

You may use routing on answer alternatives aswell. Read More.



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