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How to use reminders for e-mail distribution

You will find the reminder functionality in the section Distribute by e-mail invitation under the Distribution – tab:

Distribute by e-mail invitation

This functionality comes in use when you need to have a higher response rate. After you have marked this button, a new menu shows up. Here you write in the reminder subject and body, and for the reminder to be sent out, simply click + Add reminder:

Add reminder

The reminder can be on a specific date or as an interval:

The reminder can be on a specific date or as an interval

  1. If you choose Date all respondents that hasn´t completed the quest will get a reminder. It´s wise to not use Date in an ongoing Quest.
  2. You want to use Interval if you have an ongoing quest where respondents can be imported at different times.

Note: It´s possible to add several reminders, and after you have published your quest, it´s still possible to add new ones, and you can also delete reminders by using the trash can icon:

Choose Interval



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