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How do I compare different Quests?

You may compare different Quests by using Series and Comparison in a report.

To Compare two different Quests, click on the first question, then click Add Series and choose Add Comparison:

click Add Series and choose Add Comparison

In the drop-down menu under «Quest» (in the Series box) you may select a different Quest. If you want to compare additional Quests, just repeat the steps (Add series and choose Add Comparison):


Add Comparison

To use the Comparison on multiple questions in your Report you can click the Apply to other questions button:

Apply to other questions

Then you can choose which questions you want to apply the Comparison to, and click Apply to questions:

Apply to questions

After applying the Comparison to the questions, the resulting comparisons will be visible in the Display:



Tips: When adding comparisons to questions with several answers, choosing the Chart type “Bar” and Show data as “Average” will give a tidy output:

Show data



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