Add/Remove users

From the Users page, super users can add new users as well as activate, deactivate or permanently delete existing users.
Super users can also request a reset password link on behalf of another user.


  • To add a new user, simply click the Pluss Button(1)
  • To activate or deactivate a user, simply check or uncheck the checkbox in the user’s Active Column(2).
  • To delete an existing user, simply select the user (check the checkbox to the left of its name) and click the Delete Button(3).
  • To add or remove the user from a user group, simply use the checkboxes available under User Groups(4).
  • To request a reset password link on behalf of a user, simply click the user’s name and then click Send login information to user.

PLEASE NOTE: When adding a new user, the option “Send login information to user” must remain checked for the user to receive the welcome e-mail containing the first-time login link. For the convenience of the new user, we do not recommend unchecking this option.

• If a user is deactivated and the option “Do not move data” is selected, the now deactivated user will remain a member of any user group he/she currently is assigned to.
• If the data is moved to another user, the new user will inherit not only the folders and Quests of the de-activated user, but also any user group memberships.

Please note that once the data has been moved to another user, it will no longer be available to the original user, even if re-activated.
• If a user is deleted, all Quests and folders will be moved to another user. The selected user will also inherit any group memberships.


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