How Import Questions from another Quest

In Designer, you have the convenience of importing questions from either an Excel- file or another quest. This article is regarding importing Questions from another Quest. If you wish to import from an Excel-file, Click here.

  • Click the Add-button followed by Import Questions.

Then you choose whether you want to import from a quest or from a file:

Import questions from a Quest allows you to copy and re-use one or several questions from any Quests you have access to. The import will include Question properties, Settings and translations.

  • Select From Quest and click Next, you will see a list of all the quests you can import questions from.

NOTE: Any routing conditions in the copied questions will not be included in the import.

  • You can Filter or Search to locate the desired quest. Once found, Select it and click Next..

  • Select the questions you want, and click add



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