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How can I delete, edit or add a comment on an individual answer form?

You may delete, edit or add a comment to individual answer forms from the Follow-up tab pane.

To open the list of responses, click on Responses:

It is often helpful to apply value filters, when looking for respondents that answered a specific way. When looking for respondents that answered in a specific timeframe, use interval filters:

value filters

To find a specific respondent’s response, it’s often easiest using the search field. If the search provides no direct hit (e.g. if hidden identity or expired GDPR retention period have anonymized the respondents email addresses), it’s useful to add more columns using select columns and search by keywords in these:

select columns

All columns are filterable (by clicking on the column name) and searchable. To open a single response for reviewing it, click on the email address in the Respondent column (green):

All columns are filterable

Inside an individual answer form, you may:

  1. edit the response
  2. delete the response*
  3. add an internal comment/ send the respondent an email (case)

individual answer form edit

*Please note: You cannot delete responses if hidden identity was enabled for the given response.

When editing the response, you may either Remove answer a single answer or select other answer alternatives. Use this feature with caution, and only when requested by respondents to keep the respondent’s integrity intact:

Remove answer

To store the amendments, send in the response before close the window:

store the amendments

Edited responses will be marked with a timestamp and information on which Essentials user that have been editing the response last, as well as a history. Content In the text box on the right hand side can either be published as an internal comment (red) or as a new case (i.e. an email to the respondent, blue):

timestamp and information



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